Miniature Painting Tutorials

You can buy my painting tutorials here.


I’ve been painting miniatures for a very long time now. (I’d rather not say exactly how long, but let’s just say I didn’t start in this century…) I’ve always been inspired by super smooth paint jobs with bright colours and high contrast and I’ve spent countless hours working out how best to capture this aesthetic.


The good news is that you can now benefit from all this experience without all the frustrating trial and error! In my painting guides I describe in detail the techniques that I use to achieve my trademark smoothness, and break down each step of the painting process with high resolution photos and paint recipes. If you’re familiar with the old style Eavy Metal masterclasses published in White Dwarf then my tutorials are quite similar!

In the guides I use very little airbrushing (usually just using it to lay down a base coat), and I mostly use Citadel paints (where I deviate from this line I do try to suggest a Citadel alternative).


I’ve tried my absolute best to make every aspect of my approach to miniature painting as clear as possible, but I’m always open to suggestions on how I can improve. Or if you don’t quite understand something then just contact me and I’ll try to explain it more clearly!

If you paint something using techniques that you’ve picked up from my tutorials then I’d love you to tag me on social media! It’s always awesome to see people finding the guides useful!


Blood Angels Chaplain

I’ve had the blood angels chaplain in my “future projects” pile for years, but with the advent of primaris space marines it became clear to me that if I didn’t get off my backside and make the chaplain a current project pretty soon then he’d probably never get painted!

I’ve been sharing some work in progress on instagram (nicholas.gareth), but here he is in all his finished glory.



If you’d like to know every detail about how I painted this miniature then you can purchase a painting guide here. I’ve used pretty much the same paints and techniques that I used when I painted my slayer sword winning blood angels diorama, so if you’d like some more insight into how that piece was created then this guide is for you!

The chaplain is also for sale, so please contact me if you’re interested in adding him to your collection. Sold, sorry!




A slightly different type of miniature today as I present my first experiment with full colour 3d printing!


My wife is a huge fan of a certain well known bunny rabbit so I thought this would be a great opportunity to make her a little gift.

I created a bunny model and coloured it in using blender, then uploaded the file to Shapeways. Definitely a different kind of painting to what I’m used to!

The full colour sandstone material that Shapeways offer is a bit rougher than the material I usually get my miniatures printed in, and there are more limitations over the type of model that can be successfully produced. It’s fascinating technology though, and it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

If you want a bunny of your own then you can purchase one from Shapeways here. 🙂