Miniature Painting Tutorials

You can buy my painting tutorials here. If you’d like to know more about the reasons for me going down this route then read on…


When I originally set up this blog one of my aspirations was to share my techniques with a wider audience in the hope that it would be useful to my fellow hobbyists. Of course, I didn’t quite realise at the time just how much work goes into creating good quality tutorials! It’s very difficult for me to justify spending so much time doing this when I could be doing something else. (Like painting!)

I’d still like to share this information though, and I have been pondering the best way of doing it. I don’t really want to go down the Patreon route as it doesn’t sit well with me that someone can sign up and immediately get access to everything an artist has produced (and then cancel the subscription if they feel so inclined). It feels like a very raw deal for the people that have been paying for the service for months! I’m also wary of committing myself to having to produce quality content every month.

I’ve therefore decided to try offering individual tutorials for sale on Etsy. I like this approach better, as it means you can just buy a tutorial if you’re interested in it without committing to ongoing payments. And I don’t have to commit myself to producing material on a very regular basis.

I’ve chosen the blood angels chaplain as the subject of my first masterclass because it uses a lot of the same colours and techniques as my slayer sword winning diorama, and I know people are interested in how I went about doing that. The tutorial does assume a certain level of familiarity with painting just to keep the length manageable, so if you are a total beginner then it may not be suitable.

This is a total stab in the dark as I really have no idea how much of an audience there will be for this. I’m hoping for enough sales that I can justify making more tutorials in future! If you do purchase the tutorial then please do let me know your thoughts, as I’m very willing to take on board criticism and improve the format.


16 thoughts on “Miniature Painting Tutorials

  1. I like the route you’ve chosen. I’m always hesitant to subscribe to Patreon channels because of the monthly commitment and unknown quality/quantity of future content. However, I love the idea of being able to buy just what I want. Good luck!


  2. Great tutorial. Thank you for making it. You take what seem like such complicated techniques and explain them very well. I’d love to see (and would pay) for a video of you demonstrating some of your techniques. I was also hoping for a step by step on the skull but I think you explained it well even without pictures.

    At the top of my wishlist for future tutorials would be faces and skin tones.

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  3. Bougth right now. Excellent tutorial. Totally recommend it… I only wish you could add pics of your different “standard” levels of dillution as a help guide for us…. for example, a pic of your pallette`s colour dillution when highlighting, when cleaning by glazes, It would be a really helpful addition and it would not cost you much time or effort. Thanks a lot for your fantastic job¡¡¡

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  4. Nice¡¡¡ I bought the second tutorial job again¡ can’t wait for the next one¡¡¡ (dilution pics should not be in each stage…I mean..we could see the different levels of dilution in any stage, or in different ones. One pic should be enough of every level…glazing, highlight, …)


  5. Dear Gareth,

    I’ve bought your BA Chaplain and Yvraine masterclasses, and they are a blast! I’ve been longing for high-level tutorials that can push my own work even further, and yours truly are of that high level I seek for inspiration, tips and techniques. Please continue your work with the masterclasses!


  6. Hello Mr Gareth, I need to ask you a single question before buying : the paintjob in the tutorial are made with an airbrush or a classic paintbrush ? Or is it a mix ?
    Your work is fabulous !


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