Miniature Design

I worked as a miniatures designer for Games Workshop from July 2018 to October 2019. I’ll update this page as the projects I worked on are revealed.

My first miniature as a trainee designer was this stormcast:


Melusai Ironscale was my second miniature as a trainee:


The Skitarii Marshal was my third miniature as a trainee (although all credit for the actual design work has to go to Jes Goodwin):


Khagra’s Ravagers was the first of the Underworlds warbands I designed, and my first “live” project:


I was entrusted with updating Castellan Crowe into a not quite primaris scale:


Elathain’s Soulraid was my second Underworlds warband:


My final project was the design of the Celestian Sacresants for the Sisters of Battle 40k army, which was a tough brief to meet with the requirement to include challenging weapon options:


I am available to hire as a freelance miniature designer. I work digitally and am able to design miniatures optimised for resin or metal casting or 3D printing. (I also have the ability to design for plastic injection molding but currently lack the expensive software and hardware that makes this viable.) I’m passionate about quality and I have access to a 3D printer so that I can test my designs before handing over files.

If you’d like to discuss working with me then please use the form on the contact page.