Mk 7 Space Marine in Primaris Scale

When primaris space marines were revealed back in 2017, I really liked the new proportions and design but had mixed feelings about the move away from the classic mark 7 armour (and earlier marks) that I grew up with. It’s purely nostalgia I think – it doesn’t matter how amazing the new miniatures are, they just can’t recapture that golden era of my youth!

The problem is that once I’d had my eyes opened to the new space marine proportions, it was difficult to look at the classic marines and not see their underdeveloped legs and lack of abdomen! So sometime last year I thought it would be a fun little project to make a mark 7 tactical marine in primaris scale.

The miniature you see here was made from scratch in blender, using measurements I took from a primaris marine to get the proportions right. I thought it would be fun to add a few blood angel specific bits of bling and I tried out some swirly embellishments on the pauldrons, but I think the mini actually would have been better without these. I printed it on my Elegoo Mars 3, using standard Elegoo resin.

I kept the paint job nice and simple since I didn’t want to get bogged down spending a long time on what was just supposed to be a bit of fun. Just an ‘Eavy Metal style but trying to bring some of that second edition blood angels flavour in with the black rims on the pauldrons and the bright yellow chest eagle! I suppose I should have gone all in with a goblin green base really. Maybe next time!

For those that want to know my recipe for the red armour, it’s as follows:

Basecoat 1:1 mephiston red and evil sunz scarlet over a very pale flesh coloured primer (white would be fine, it’s all about getting a really vibrant red).

Shade with khorne red, then a khorne and incubi mix and finally black in the deepest recesses.

Edge highlight with evil sunz scarlet, wild rider red, fire dragon bright and small spots of lugganath orange.

9 thoughts on “Mk 7 Space Marine in Primaris Scale

  1. Well done, both the sculpt and the paint job are excellent! I know a little bit about blender but not so much about 3D sculpting minis, do you do all your sculpting in blender?


  2. I would love to see all the details behind the bolter and on the back. At first sight, the paintjob is excellent, as usual from you, giving full glory to the model

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  3. Fantastic work, and I’m very glad to see new models from you. It does make me wonder what it would have been like if GW had just scaled up normal marines. I’m sure lots of folk would still have complained, but I do love the old armour aesthetic.

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  4. Hi. I have never painted before and I love the way you’ve done this marine. How hard would it be to try something like this first time? Would you ever consider posting a tutorial for this marine in particular? I love the shading, especially the green glow around the marine’s lenses.


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