Battle Sisters

I haven’t got much history with Sisters of Battle, since their second edition codex was released just after I’d drifted away from the hobby, and by the time I came back they had been unsupported for so long that they weren’t really relevant. For that reason I wasn’t particularly interested when the news broke that they were to be re-imagined in plastic. But it just goes to show that you should never be closed minded, because now the Adeptus Sororitas are here and I absolutely love them!


These miniatures are from the multi part battle sisters kit that Joe Tomaszewski designed (with I would imagine significant input from project lead Martin Footit and design manager Ben Jefferson). Joe has outdone himself with this kit – it’s simply fantastic! So many options, fantastic poses, beautifully rendered cloth… the list goes on and on.

The only slight negative for me about the sisters is that the 6 official orders don’t have the widest range of colour schemes – it’s very much variations on white, red and black. So I decided to invent my own order and be totally revolutionary by throwing purple into the mix.


I’ve gone for a fairly standard ‘Eavy Metal style of painting on these because I didn’t want to spend forever on them, and I’m happy with the result considering the time spent. On the superior I tried out a different skin tone to my usual recipes, which I think turned out ok, and of course I couldn’t resist a bit of non metallic metal on the sword blade.


Of course, now I’m being severely tempted by the Triumph of Saint Catherine (which should probably be referred to as the Triumph of Mr Footit). I don’t think I can commit the time it deserves to it though – maybe in the next lifetime!


15 thoughts on “Battle Sisters

  1. Really like whole models, especially the sword ! Already bought the guide. Only dowside for me is the skincolor, maybe too much yellow I don’t know. Beads are also vrey nice !


  2. How does one get to this level on their own? Are there some basic steps to start with? I’d love to be able to paint like this one day even if it’s 10 years down there road.


    1. Well you’re lucky that there are so many tutorials available these days that there’s no need for becoming good at painting to take decades like it did for me!

      I know Darren Latham’s Youtube channel will be closing in May but I would say that it is currently the best resource for aspiring painters, and it’s completely free! So I would start there.


      1. That’s a great point, but I’m getting to the point of information paralysis. I see all these cool techniques and ideas, but I’m still stuck here alone with a brush and a palette. Is my best bet to just paint more minis and accept a lower quality and keep pushing through? I’ve painted like 3 minis and I’m still working on them after like a month, LOL – I feel like they’ll never be good enough after looking at these beautiful SoB.


        1. If you’re just starting out then the most important thing is to get a good grasp of the fundamentals. I’m thinking things like brush control and getting a feel for the right paint consistency in different applications. I suppose that to some extent this does come down to perseverance and just putting the hours in. The number of minis you paint doesn’t really matter – you can spend ages on one mini but as long as you’re learning and improving while you paint it then that’s fine!
          Once you can paint neatly and achieve reasonably smooth blends then I would start thinking about adding some new techniques gradually (maybe try one new thing per project). That’s why I mentioned Darren Latham’s channel. In the earlier videos he really explains all the important fundamentals that are often missed by a lot of people.


  3. the purple really does look stunning I wanted the Sisters battle squad to paint while this lockdown is on but cant seem to find the set I want 😦


  4. Hi. Please can you post the colours you used to paint these models? They look amazing and I want to use them as inspiration. Thanks


        1. The cloth is 1:1 xereus purple and vallejo magenta base coat, shaded with naggaroth night and highlighted with white gradually added into a 1:2 xereus:magenta mix.
          The hair is 1:1 slaanesh grey and white base coat, shaded with slaanesh grey and then daemonette hide. Use pure white for highlights.


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