Fantasy Armies in 10 mm Scale

welcome pack
10 mm heroes – sculpted and painted by yours truly (the bases are pennies)

I’ve always had a love for small scales – you can fit a proper epic sized army on your table and the miniatures are much faster to paint than 32 mm scale. Techniques such as washes and drybrushing tend to fall down when you want to paint large flat surfaces but you don’t have to worry about that at small scales, so you can get really good looking results very quickly.

On top of that, small scale miniatures are particularly well suited to 3D printing. You can happily fit 100 miniatures at 10 mm scale onto the build platform of a small inexpensive resin printer such as the Elegoo Mars or Anycubic Photon, and they’ll typically be printed in under 3 hours with minimal resin usage.

Wood elf sorceress on war hawk (sorry for the poor quality phone photo!)

Having acquired a Mars, I’ve recently started sculpting 10 mm fantasy miniatures and I’ve started a patreon so that my supporters can access all of the 3D files that I create. The response has been really encouraging, with nearly 200 patrons signed up in the first couple of months. Initially I’ve been working on wood elves, but my patrons have recently voted for vampires to be the next army, so those will be coming soon!

stag riders
Wood elf stag riders unit in 10 mm scale

If you’d like to keep up to date to with what I’m sculpting for this range then be sure to follow @forestdragon3d on instagram or twitter. (my wife runs these accounts in her spare time, as I’m hopeless at social media!)

There are much better photos of the miniatures (still with the supports attached) at printing in detail, who are one of the merchant level backers.

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