High Elf Phoenix Mage

I had a fantastic time at Games Workshop but now that I’ve left I still want to carry on sculpting. I work digitally (using blender) and the question is, now that I don’t have a huge team of people working to turn my designs into lovely plastic frames, what is the best way of realising my designs physically?

Before joining GW I mostly relied on Shapeways to print my miniatures. I’m not very keen to go down this route again, mostly because it’s quite expensive but also because I was rarely very satisfied with the quality of the prints I received. So with a range of affordable resin 3d printers now on the market, my thoughts have been turning towards buying my own printer.

In an ideal world the quality of the prints would be good enough for me to paint, but even if they’re not I still feel that being able to see a miniature physically really helps to get the overall composition right. I came to rely on getting quite regular work in progress prints while I was at GW, and I don’t want to lose this facility!

In order to explore my options further I decided to revisit a miniature that I sculpted prior to joining GW. The original phoenix mage was produced in resin by RN Estudio but I thought it would be fun to give it a bit of an overhaul with the benefit of another 18 months experience.

phoenixmage wip1phoenixmage wip2phoenixmage wip3


I still need to split this guy up for printing, since I’m pretty sure I won’t want to be doing it as a single piece. But the sculpt is mostly done so I thought it was worth sharing.

If anyone has any experience with 3d printing or recommendations then it would be great to hear your views!

13 thoughts on “High Elf Phoenix Mage

  1. No experience to offer, but I am so pleased that you decided to share this wonderful looking guy with us.
    He looks amazing!
    I love the details, like that line of scrolls.
    And the flow of his robes looks brilliant too – please keep up the stellar work and share it with us?

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  2. I love the model. I want one if a kickstarter comes in the future.

    I have one year experience in 3d printers but not enough to help you I think.
    I was investigating a time ago and the process I think is better is use high temperature resin in order to print the mold. I watched people use the model in order to empty a cage. Then they made tunneling for air escape and finally cut the final piece in 2 sides. Then print.

    I don’t have experience with this kind of resin, sorry and sorry for my bad English.

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      1. 1. Check out Patreon… start one of those and sell the STLs for this stuff and you’ll have clients in droves!
        2. Sell STLs on once the Patreon exclusivity has past.

        There’s a huge glut of folks out there making content designed towards RPG audience. There’s a not a ton of folks working towards the Mini gaming audience. If you start creating content designed to be ranked up on square bases and filling niches that GW has ignored. Put your own spin on things, but there’s a desperate market out there for this stuff. I love GW’s products, but they’re ridiculously expensive and they neglect massive parts of the traditional Wargaming ranges of the past (Warhammer Fantasy and The 9th Age) in favor of cranking out odd new things for Age of Sigmar.

        You can tap that niche and make a LOT of people really happy.


  3. One to look at atm for a budget resin printer that seems to have great quality is the Elegoo Mars.

    Available on amazon for 230 quid, theres some great vids on youtube about it and it’s the one I’m looking at getting


  4. Right now the Nova3d Elfin seems to be a bit better than the Elegoo Mars or the new Anycubic Photon. It’s a bit more expensive also. All three are great printers in this price range though.

    You should be aware that you’ll need to handle chemicals for high quality prints in any case. The filament printers will get rid of chemicals but also get rid of the quality level your looking for.

    If you don’t plan to sell physical products would you be willing to sell the 3D files? I love your sculpts 🙂


    1. Thanks, I hadn’t heard of that printer so I’ll check it out. I’m aware of all the issues around resin printing but I think I’ll have to deal with it!

      It’s certainly possible I’ll sell 3D files, either by a patreon or some other route. I’m experimenting by making the ships I designed available for sale on my Etsy store at the moment.


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