Primaris Space Marine Captain

Update: There’s now a full painting guide for this miniature available here.

Due to my own idiocy I didn’t think I would be able to attend Warhammer Fest until a few weeks before it took place. Consequently I hadn’t given much thought to an entry, but when I realised that I had got my dates wrong it was clear that I needed to get my skates on and finish the space marine I was painting!


Although on the face of it this is yet another boring shiny space marine, I did try out a new effect by adding the small purple reflections to the armour. I’d decided to paint the plasma pistol glow in colours I remember from when I worked with real plasma in a previous life, so the idea behind the reflections was that there would be other plasma weaponry being discharged in the area. This allowed me to get a little more purple into the piece.


The captain was designed by the legend that is Darren Latham, and as with all of his kits the attention to detail and the way it goes together is exquisite. It’s a great miniature for practicing freehand with the cape and all those little shields! My purity seal text can be a bit hit or miss but I was fairly pleased with the result this time. And in another of my trademarks I added some subtle texture to the inside of the cape.

As a staff member I was restricted to entering the Open competition at Golden Demon. I was delighted to get the gold, but at the same time I did feel a bit disappointed in myself for what I think has ended up as quite an unimaginative entry! I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone for next year so I need to get thinking!

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12 thoughts on “Primaris Space Marine Captain

  1. Congratulations, I had the pleasure of seeing you at the Warhammer Fest and I thought you were beautiful. On Monday I could see it in hand in the tavern of Bugman jejeje, (he was one of the Spanish who roamed there) and I was even more impressed.

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  2. The plasma reflections look amazing. Very good paintjob! As for the mini, sometimes if nothing is wrong with the sculpt it does not need anything added. 🙂

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  3. Do you have any tips for gauging where reflections go when painting in this style, do you use, say, photoshop style software to try out a lot of places itll reflect or do you have multiple versions of the mini which you paint some up to show reflections, some shadows. Etc.

    Tell us your secrets!

    P.s. congratulations on the gold, and the new job, both very well deserved.


  4. Hello,

    you were previously offering guides, e.g for Trajann Valoris. Is there a place where I can get hands on them? I would like to practice NMM and other techniques and this is just something anyone can take an inspiration from.

    Thank you!


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