There is a painting guide for this miniature available here.


I painted this miniature as a bit of post golden demon fun. As usual I wanted to try something a little different from the Eavy Metal scheme and went with purple and red as the main colours, with turquoise and ochre accents.

Overall I’m reasonably pleased with how it turned out. I put the most effort into the face and although I got a nice clean finish I probably should have considered how to get a bit more menace into her expression.

Before anyone asks, it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be painting the big Morathi in this lifetime!


10 thoughts on “Morathi

  1. First time I’m downloading one of your guides from Etsy, and the quality is really there ! I’m having a lot to learn and your step by step approach really helps a lot. Thanks for this ! I will be downloading more stuff.
    Now onto the comments for improvements:
    – Can I suggest a recap at the beginning of all the steps you will take (basecoating down to detail highlights); a 1-pager that recaps for beginners like me all the steps you’ll go through the PDF (like a “timeline” type of thing, step 1 basecoat, step 2 wash, step 3 highlight etc.)
    – Can I suggest to do more of your “paper examples”: like drawing the direction of your brush on a paper sample to finish off you highlights, I think there is a real added value to you sharing the “process of thoughts” on what you were thinking even before taking the brush in hands. Compared to others who are doing guides, this is a real added value.
    – Can I finally suggest to include some “exercices” descriptions so we can improve ourselves: think about you’re giving a course as a teacher= you show us how to do it (like in your PDF’s today) and … you give us an exercice page to do on a specific technique. That we could share back to you for example on your blog or per email and as such generate a “community” effort.

    It’s only a few suggestions, work done is already great!

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