My painting of the Triumvirate of Ynnead continues with Yvraine, the second miniature for which I have produced a full step by step painting guide that you can get here. Faces and texturing were the most requested topics from people that got in touch following the chaplain tutorial so hopefully this will do the job!


This was another of those miniatures that took far longer than I expected, partly because I took the insane decision to stipple the large surface area of the dress! I wanted to come up with a completely different colour scheme to the ‘Eavy Metal version and I’m quite pleased with what I ended up with.

As is often the way with me, the base is probably not up to the standard of the rest of the miniature. I have to admit that I found it difficult to come up with any good ideas, since the dress requires a very large perfectly flat area to sit on. But regardless, I think Yvraine herself has come out quite well.




15 thoughts on “Yvraine

  1. The broken eldar architecture piece on the back of the base? A feature to actually be able to pick up the model? If so, your thoughts were a step ahead from when i did my version of the model.

    Fantastic work.

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  2. I like the blue/green painting scheme you chose for her a lot better. It just fit’s her overall Dark Eldar look better. Well done. I’m excited to see your take on the the Yncarne! 😉


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