White Scar Primaris Lieutenant

The new 40k box set Dark Imperium has been out for quite a while now, so it was high time I painted one of those shiny new primaris space marines…


This will be my last painting commission for the foreseeable future, so it was great to be given a very open brief to work with. After a small experiment with painting white armour on my version of Drazhar, I was keen to paint a whole mini in this style. The lieutenant is my favourite miniature from the new starter set, so after a little visit to ebay I was all set.

I bought a few Warcolours paints (specifically the blue grey set) after seeing various painters raving about them, and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to try them out. They have a gel medium and are certainly a bit different to work with than my customary citadel or reaper paints. The drying time is noticeably slower, which does make blending easier and suits my painting style. It did catch me out a few times when glazing though – I’d return to an area I’d glazed only to find that it hadn’t dried fully and end up messing up the previous application. I got the hang of it eventually!

I’ll be picking up more Warcolours paints in the future as and when I need to replace existing supplies. I really like the bottles they come in too! I’m not sure I’d buy another full set like the blue grey set though – I found the tones too close together for my painting style and ended up only using blue grey 1 and blue grey 5 plus black and white on this miniature (although this was also partly to avoid making the white armour too blue). In future I think I’d be tempted to buy the lightest and the darkest for each colour, plus the tone with the greatest colour saturation.

The base coat was 1:1 blue grey 1 and white. I tried airbrushing it but I pretty much suck with an airbrush and I didn’t feel the paint was going down very smoothly because I got the consistency wrong so I switched to a good old massive brush to finish the job.

After that I just applied my standard techniques, highlighting with more white and shading with the darkest blue grey shade. I used 1:1 blue grey 5 and black in the deepest recesses.

I wanted to go with true metallics rather than nmm for the details but I thought the sword blade would work better with nmm so I painted everything else in this style. Overall I’m quite pleased with how this mini turned out, as I was definitely concerned about how well the white armour would come out!

10 thoughts on “White Scar Primaris Lieutenant

  1. I’ll be doing my primaris as scars too, but with a pearl coat – assuming my experiment works. That is just lovely though! You really know how to make them shine with your style 🙂

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      1. Have to experiment with some golden and createx brand pearl colors and see what i can do to add shading and contrast with inks. picked up frist strike set to be my test minis before i do up the whole 8th starter. the idea is to have very shiny new scars vs very old corroded deathguard and tie the together with basing and powders o_O

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  2. Hey, at first i thought it was at least a 56mm model, i couldn’t do it on a 30cm model… And i thought it was painted with metallic paint. But God, how can you do that?! That’s some demonic level right there, i have never seen something like that. This model is the best !

    How much time did it take? And do you plan to make a tutorial about it? I’ll buy it right away !
    I have already bought the Blood Angel guide to learn about your technique, but i can’t get enough of that.

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    1. Thanks! This probably took something like 50 hours. Unfortunately I can’t produce a tutorial for it as I didn’t take any work in progress photos, but I would recommend the custodes tutorial I did for the same white armour painting techniques.


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