Dark Eldar Archon


Just a short post to show off another commission paint job that I’ve completed. An old school metal dark eldar archon this time!

The base and colour scheme were all specified by the client.


8 thoughts on “Dark Eldar Archon

  1. Hey Gareth, I following your blog a while now and I really love how you painted the Dark Eldar Archon! I wanna use it as a reverence for the Visarch I’m painting right now since the armor is kinda similar and you got the lighting just right. (What proves to me quite difficult…) Anyway great paint job and I’m glad that you put out those tutorials as well 😉


  2. I Adore the purple armor you have pulled off on this minature, and I need your advise to pull off something similar; if you don’t mind me picking your brain! I’m looking to paint my first Craftworld army which I have put together, and are ready to prime. I have searched across the mighty internet to find the perfect example, and it is you!! How did you achieve this? Did you Airbrush? Was Zenithal highlighting used? Is there a specific brand of paint used for the purple? I have learned that purple can be difficult to lighten up. Did you use varnish? Where the black gloves accomplished with the same methods as the purple?? I’m sorry for the bombardment of questions, I have little knowledge and no experiance. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!


    1. Also sorry follow up question, what colour did you prime this in? All my models are in a resin or plastic, not sure if that will greatly affect the end result or not if I hope to accomplish this. And if there are any alternate ways to get something similar like painting with only shades for example let me know please!!!!


      1. Hi Shane,
        My techniques have been fairly well documented in the range of painting guides that I’ve produced so I hope you’ll understand that I don’t want to repeat myself in great detail here.
        In short: I primed with Vallejo black primer and painted the whole mini by hand using mainly citadel paints (liche purple featured heavily and is unfortunately discontinued).


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