More work in progress


I’ve finished painting the sea lord now and I’m very pleased with how this has turned out. I’ve spent a lot of time on this over the last month but it has been worthwhile. It’s a lovely miniature with lots of great little details. I wish I knew who sculpted it, so if you know then please tell me!

The outside of the cape is still a little glossy and I’m unsure about committing myself to using a spray can on it (testors dullcote) since the thought of something going wrong with so many hours invested in the mini is very scary. I’ve applied a couple of coats of lahmian medium and that has definitely helped, so I think I’ll probably just leave it as is.

I’ve spent quite some time putting extra little touches into the model that are hard to see from the pictures: wood grain on the inside of the shield, very fine hair strands, a texture on the inside of the cape, and some more texture on the ends of his sash. You can maybe make out some of these on the picture below:


I’m now into the phase of experimenting with various water effects for the base, so he won’t be completely finished for a while yet. I’ve therefore started my next painting project, and it’s back to 40k! Very early days for this Blood Angels librarian at the moment. I’m painting the head before I complete the assembly:


True metallic on this piece. But I’ll be doing my trademark shiny armour as well… 😉


10 thoughts on “More work in progress

  1. Just lovely, all those little touches and another level of contrast in terms of texture and really sell the piece. Your NMM is just flabbergasting though!

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  2. I’m in awe, despite your skill and the subject, you’ve kept things relatively sober which doesn’t make it a pure technical display piece but one with a real balance and charm. That’s what makes the difference bewteen skill and talent I reckon.

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  3. Such amazing stuff… makes me want to get on working on those awesome High Elves I’ve got lying somewhere around home… congrats Gareth!!! What a huge inspiration!

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  4. I personally LOVE the slight sheen on the Elf cloak, as it makes it look more like it’s made of fine-spun silk (what else would a High Elf wear :->).
    I’ve only just found your blog by accident today, and already I’m a bona-fide frothing fan, after following your painting tutorials on Youtube.
    I just wish I had your talent when it comes to painting figures, especially as I’m about to start my very first High Elf force, after following Games Workshop from its inception in the late 1970’s (YES, I am THAT old, believe me :-D), as the new mold making has just made them so much better now, and finally, after decades as a died-in-the-wool Halfling/Dwarf collector, the models I’ve seen have just made me make the decision to start collecting High Elves at last.
    I would LOVE to get hold of one of your 15 mm Vampire figures, as I think he’d look VERY nice in my Halfling army (Over 2000 figures now, and so many more still waiting to be added/painted).
    I’ve subscribed to your blog now, and hope to see even more inspiring figures and more from you in the very near future.
    I also like how you don’t stick to the die-hard GW paints, and introduce your followers to even better paints.
    I use a whole plethora of weird and wonderful paints, and recently “stocked up” on aerosol matt yacht varnish from my local discount store, which dries to a super-matt finish, and is about €10 cheaper than the same size sprays from the model supply shops, saving me a fortune (I regularly empty the shelves in that place, when something interesting appears).
    Thank you so much for such an amazing blog.
    If I hadn’t found a link with a picture of your White Scars lieutenant, I’d have never known you were here 🙂

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