Varanguard work in progress

A few weeks ago I shared a very early WIP of the Varanguard from Warhammer Age of Sigmar I’ve started painting. Here’s how it looked then:


I’ve been able to make a bit more progress recently, although I’ve had slightly less time for hobby stuff than usual. I’m deliberately taking my time over this and the model is quite large with loads of detail so it’s very slow going! It feels good to be back trying to paint at my highest level though, as it has been quite a while.


Here’s how it looks as of this morning. I don’t consider any element finished yet, although some parts are obviously more advanced than others. Once I’ve given all the areas a basic highlight and shade (which isn’t too far off now) I’ll be going back to refine things.

For the object source lighting on the armour I’ve applied 1:1 trollslayer orange and white, then 1:1 trollslayer and flash gitz yellow with lots of white using the technique I described here. I’ve glazed with pure evil sunz scarlet, trollslayer and flash gitz and also applied some of these glazes to some of the flesh. I’ll paint the lava base fairly soon and then I’ll be able to glue the miniature in place and refine the OSL, as it’s still quite rough at the moment.

I’ve decided to use some true metallics on this piece as I like the extra impact they can give. For the bits I’ve painted so far I’ve used a base coat of VMA gun grey, shaded with black into the recesses and highlighted with stormhost silver. I’ll be pushing the highlights further later and may glaze some colour into the shadows later.

For the hooves I basecoated with VMC chocolate brown and black, shaded with black and highlighted with golden shadow and yellowed bone from reaper. I’m keeping to quite orangey browns so it fits with my colour scheme.

Hopefully more progress to come this week!


3 thoughts on “Varanguard work in progress

  1. It´s going great man! I´ve ordered today a box of these guys and I can´t wait to start painting them.
    On your model I really like how the “horse” armour looks like. It has a great effect of lights and shadows. I´m looking forward to see it finished so don´t give it up and please upload new photos when you get it in the next step!
    Kind regards.

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