Storm of Sigmar: Retributors

Just a quick update as I have now completed the Stormcast from the Storm of Sigmar box with this handsome pair of Paladin Retributors!


As with the liberators, these were mostly painted on the sofa after work, with the intention of achieving a decent tabletop standard. These are very nice models, although personally I’m not a massive fan of the backpacks. Maybe there’s some explanation for them in the background that I’m unaware of.

Here’s the obligatory group shot:


If I paint any more of these I’m going to need a bigger photography backdrop! Just as well I have to turn to the Khorne side of the box now. Still mulling over the colour scheme for those guys…


10 thoughts on “Storm of Sigmar: Retributors

  1. Any chance of a tutorial, or at least a run down on how you did the white armour on your awesome stormcast? I know you’ve listed the colours you’ve used, but I’d love to know the technique! Keep up the great work, man.


    1. Probably won’t do a tutorial for this I’m afraid as I don’t have any work in progress photos. But the technique is to get a smooth basecoat, then carefully paint the shades directly into the recesses. I neatened up with some glazes of the basecoat and then just applied some edge highlights to finish. Hope that helps a bit!


  2. Do you have a paint list you used? I’ve been picturing how to paint my Stormcast from the Shadespire box and you basically nailed it, but I’m just getting back into the hobby after 15 years and still haven’t fully absorbed the new paint line.


    1. Ack, nevermind! Just found your Knight-Questor post with your paints. Will have to figure out some Citadel equivalents. Lovely work.


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