Mistweaver Saih

AoS compI had every intention of resisting the temptation to pick up the Silver Tower when it was announced, since I knew there was no chance I’d ever paint 50-odd miniatures. But I got the chance to see the minis up close at Warhammer Fest and I liked what I saw of the gameplay, and thus my fate was sealed.

I didn’t have to think too hard before deciding to paint the Mistweaver. Although the Age of Sigmar releases thus far have been pretty amazing, tragically there has been a distinct lack of elves. The Mistweaver is nothing like the classic Warhammer elves that I know and love, but it’s a very dynamic sculpt and has some interesting details that looked like fun to paint. Mistweaver2mistweaver3mistweaver4I deliberately spent more time than usual planning the colours on this piece, as I wanted to do something different to the studio colour scheme but not get halfway through the piece and realise that it wasn’t working. I was given a handy tip by the ‘Eavy Metal guys and tested colours using the greyscale image from the assembly guide before committing to the miniature. I had thought about trying to blend the mist into the clothing but the sculpted transition is quite stark and I wasn’t confident I’d be able to disguise it well with paint.

I wanted a base that would match the tiles from the Silver Tower so I used some textured plasticard and added a suitable Tzeentch shape on top. As the piece was going to be entered into an online painting competition on the Age of Sigmar facebook page I added a totally unnecessary freehand onto the robe in an effort to wow the judges.


I gave the Mistweaver to sculptor David Waeselynck at the recent Golden Demon winners’ day up at Warhammer World and he seemed quite pleased. (No idea what the Star Wars reference is about mind you…)

Gareth and David W


5 thoughts on “Mistweaver Saih

  1. very nice work, your blending is ridiculous… i especially like the blend of the dark to light colours and the choice for the brighter colours. Well deserved win, that looked like a lot of work.


      1. Yea I didn’t actually notice the blending on the smoke before, I was too busy looking at all the other details hehe, nicely done.. blending on anything close to white I find really tough, how did you end up doing it? what base colour did you start with? did you wet blend it or do some glazes?


        1. I think I started with a mix of daemonette hide and white, shaded it down with daemonette and highlighted with white. Just built up the highlights with success layers on that, which is why it felt like it took forever!


  2. If you loved Warhammer and its elves you should paint Warhammer models on warhammer square bases.Not silly over the top miniatures from the game that cancelled Warhammer.


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